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Surly Midnight Special All-Road frameset


Allroad frame that tackles pavement & gravel.

Midnight Special shines on pot-holed, deteriorating pavement and the occasional long stretch of gravel. The possibility of mounting 650B tyres absorbs all the bumps on the road like the champion for which it was designed to be.

When it comes to road bikes, Surly just want to toss a few bananas into their pockets and see where the road takes them. Surly seek out varied surfaces on their rides and frequently go from pavement to gravel to shittier pavement. The Midnight Special allows you to accomplish all of that quite comfortably.

Features of Surly MIDNIGHT SPECIAL:

  • Higher volume tires allow better fine-tuning of tire pressure on varying surfaces and create a wider contact patch for increased traction.
  • Modern road standards like flat-mount disc brakes, 12mm front and rear thru-axles, and a 44mm head tube.
  • Clearance for 700c x 42mm / 27.5 x 2.35" tires without fenders (700c x 38mm / 650B x 50mm tires with fenders)
Find out more about the Midnight Special HERE.