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Loose Cycles

Peaty's Holeshot Tubeless Puncture Plugger Kit


Each kit comes with one sheet of 3mm plugs and one sheet of 1.5mm plugs which store wrapped around the fork, neatly hidden away inside the tool pod.


    • The quickest and easiest way to fix punctures that sealant can't
    • Unique single-sided fork design - simply push and roll the plug into the hook of the fork

    • Leaves the Plug in place each time without pulling it back out of the tyre

    • the fork is sharp tipped & as slim as possible so it doesn’t widen the size of the hole already there Like most traditional products on the market

    • Knurled body and ribbed lid / handle for extra grip

    • Weather sealing o-rings make the tool waterproof when assembled

    • Fork made from 316 stainless steel

    • Body made from anodised 6061 aluminium

    • Available in 12x Chris King colours

    Find out more about the Holeshot Tubeless Puncture Plugger Kit HERE.