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Nordisk Puk +10 Blanket Sleeping Bag

Loose Cycles

Nordisk Puk +10 Blanket Sleeping Bag


A relaxing outdoor camping experience calls for at great sleeping bag. Puk is designed to be your always reliable sleeping buddy, packed with features for a good nights sleep.

The Puk +10° Blanket is a versatile bag; and a perfect companion for warmer climates or indoor use, offering a very high freedom of movement.
Zip open all the way and the blanket allows for use anywhere when comfort and cover is needed; for use as comforting blanket or spacious closed sleeping bag. The Norguard S-PO 80 filling offers great insulation properties between the Rip-stop shell and the soft touch lining. Internal chest pocket for safekeeping of personal items, and concealed drawstring in the hood, provides all the functionality needed.
Sleep tight.