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Loose Cycles

MONE Meal Replacement Bar


Wait, don’t eat that.

Why waist your time chewing and eating stupid food…when you could have handlebars instead. These are the Meal Replacement Bar.

-Under 1000 grams per serving

-organic, free range brazing. See photos

-rattle can clear, One way ticket to ‘Tina town. (Tina is Rust’s sexy stripper name.)

-Gold vinyl decals

-For sure causes cancer in the state of California

-Goes good with klunkers or vintage MTB’s

-bent and brazed in Taiwan, by bosses

-3.5” rise, 825mm wide, 25 degrees sweep

-4.5” rise, 805mm wide, 25 degrees sweep

- 22.2mm clamp size - if you want to run the handlebar on a 31.8 stem, you will also need to purchase a 22.2 - 31.8mm shim ( you can buy one HERE )