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HOPE Disc Brake - Tech 3 X2 / Standard hose

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HOPE Disc Brake - Tech 3 X2 / Standard hose


Tech 3 lever
The new Tech 3 lever unit replaces the Tech Evo reservoir. A sleeker design with improved ergonomics and integration has been achieved. The optimized shape ensures flexible combinations with triggers and other armatures of the handlebar. The Tech 3 works with all current calipers and is 5% stronger than the Tech Evo lever!
You can still adjust the lever width and the pressure point without tools. The piston is actuated by means of a cam and roller system so that the lever can be pulled without free travel and clamping parts. The two-piece clamp for attachment to the handlebar simplifies installation, since nothing has to be removed from the handlebar for mounting.
In addition to a slightly modified lever design, the current version has a thread on the bottom of the expansion tank, to which the matching Hope Matchmaker for SRAM Trigger and Shimano I-Spec B Trigger can be attached. Shimano I-Spec A triggers can only be mounted on the trigger after removing the hook-shaped part.

X2 pliers
The filigree X2 pliers are the result of development work with COSMOSWorks FEA (Finite Element Analysis). This allows you to reduce weight, improve aesthetics and make the ideal partner for the Tech Lever. The tongs are milled as usual from 2014 T6 aluminum. The diameter of the pistons has been increased in order to be able to transmit more braking force to the brake disk. The sealed bleed nipples ensure easier maintenance and the protruding liquid outlet simplifies the laying of the line. For ease of use also contribute from the top mountable brake pads. For a super noble look and long durability the brake is completely anodized and provided with lasered HOPE logos.