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HOPE Brake Pads Standard organic V2

Loose Cycles

HOPE Brake Pads Standard organic V2


Original organic brake pads for your Hope brakes.

The organic brake pads are made of about 20 different carbon compounds (hence organic) and a temperature-resistant resin. In contrast to the sintered metal surfaces, organic coverings are much softer and generate less heat. This makes the organic pads ideal for small discs and light drivers. Another advantage is that the organic rubbers are less squeaky in the wet.

Therefore, you should choose the organic rubbers, if you do not need maximum, long-lasting braking power and prefer to drive small discs. If all else fails, then we recommend changing to sintered metal coverings.

Technical specifications:

Material covering: organic
Material support plate: steel
Compatibility brake: Hope V2
Color carrier plate: black

Weight according to the manufacturer: 28g
Weight weighed: not specified