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HOPE Brake Pads Sintered Compound X2

Loose Cycles

HOPE Brake Pads Sintered Compound X2


Original sintered metal brake pads for your Hope brake.

The sintered metal coverings are pressed together by a process, sintering, metal and Kreamikteilchen with much pressure and heat. Unlike organic brake pads, sintered metal pads are much harder and more resistant to wear. The disadvantage is unfortunately also that these coverings have a higher heat development and squeak significantly more in the wet.

Therefore, you should drive the sintered metal coverings with large discs (from 180 mm) with many ventilation holes, so that the resulting heat can be dissipated well. On the advantage side you get a very stable brake, with little wear.

Technical specifications:

Material covering: sintered metal
Material support plate: steel
Brake compatibility: Hope X2
Color carrier plate: copper