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Volk Flannel Trail Digger

Loose Cycles

Volk Flannel Trail Digger


Trail Digger is designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.

Matched with the color of the soil, so you can become one with your trail and fully focus on your endurance, core strength and self-reliance, when you push the pedals down the hill.

Extreme lifestyle taught us to always push ourselves to the limit in order to find comfort and that’s what we implemented into our flannel…

Now get on your bike! We got your muddy back covered!

  • Brown and black flannel
  • Tough and Rugged but also double brushed for supreme comfort and softness
  • VOLK special poly/rayon blend
  • Classic center pleat for added movement and comfort
  • VOLK custom embroided button down with button sleeve cuffs, button chest pockets and hidden collar buttons
  • Chest VOLK logo with a slit to hold sunglasses
  • Shrink and wrinkle resistant
  • Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • Regluar fit but runs a little bit bigger

You can find more information about the Trail Digger HERE.