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Loose Cycles

Musguard Rollable Mudguard - Front


This down tube mounted mudguard serves to reduce the amount of dirt sprayed on your lower leg and shoes. The set of front and rear Musguards are designed to be rolled together for even more convenient storage.

- utilizes a silicone-coated 2-in-1 fastener for a firm grip (covering most tubing diameters as well as oversized and aero)
- fully detachable
- rollable
- can be mounted under exposed shifter cables 
- can be mounted over enclosed shifter cables

weight: 30g
flat size: 9 cm x 43 cm ( 29 cm long effective)
rolled size: 9 cm x 5 cm
material: Polypropylene (PP), 0.8 mm

Made in Slovenia (EU)