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Maxxis Forekaster 27.5x2.60 tire- folding EXO TR DC

Loose Cycles

Maxxis Forekaster 27.5x2.60 tire- folding EXO TR DC


If the ground is deeper or the weather is wetter, then the choice falls on the Forekaster. The medium-high studs have an even spacing that allows them to grip perfectly on trails with a loose layer over a firm bottom. The profile is more open compared to our racer tires for better self-cleaning in damp soils. Wide notched center tunnels brake convincingly on slippery singletrack. With the Forekaster you are perfectly prepared for the trails - in any weather.

Information from the manufacturer: Maxxis strongly advises against the use of ammonia-containing sealant. Ammonia has been shown to attack the carcass and can weaken it up to 30% after a few months, depending on the amount used. Maxxis recommends using the Tire Plasma Tire Sealant.