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HOPE Brake Pads Sintered Compound Tech 3 E4

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HOPE Brake Pads Sintered Compound Tech 3 E4


Original sintered metal brake pads for your Hope brake.

The sintered metal coverings are pressed together by a process, the sintering, of metal and ceramic particles with a lot of pressure and heat. In contrast to organic brake pads, sintered metal pads are significantly harder and more wear-resistant. The disadvantage is, unfortunately, that these coverings generate more heat and squeak significantly more when wet.
Therefore, you should drive the sintered metal coverings with large discs (from 160 mm) with many ventilation holes so that the heat can be dissipated well. On the advantage side, you get a very stable brake with little wear.

Technical specifications:

Material covering: sintered metal
Material support plate: steel
Brake compatibility: Hope Tech Evo M4 | Tech M4 | Mono M4 | Tech 3 E4 | Race E4 | RX4 + (Shimano and SRAM versions) | RX4 (only Shimano version)
Color of base plate: copper

Weight according to the manufacturer: n / a
Weight weighed: 29.2g (2x rubbers including accessories)