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Granger's clothing 'impregnation' - 300 ml

Loose Cycles

Granger's clothing 'impregnation' - 300 ml


Highly effective wash-in impregnation for textiles. Maximizes Breathable ity. The water- and dirt-repellent effect is also produced when air-dried. The maximum performance is achieved after use in the dryer or by ironing. Also recommended for Gore-Tex ®. Best water-repellent effect for fleece, softshells, hiking pants, gloves, hats etc. Water-based and solvent-free, without fluorocarbon. With bluesign®-approved recipe. Made in Europe.

- Wash-in impregnation
- water-based
- free of solvents and fluorocarbon
- bluesign®-approved recipe
- Made in Europe