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Loose Cycles

GearAid 'Tenacious Tape' repair roll


Roll with 50 cm sealing and repair tape. Ideally suited for the quick and permanent repair of cracks, cuts and holes. The clear PVC is almost invisible and ideal for tents or backpacks etc. The colorful tapes are made of nylon and can also be washed or dried. Therefore also ideally suited for clothing. Not suitable for siliconized surfaces.

- universally usable
- for permanent repairs


Reflective tape:

Repair tape with two uses! 50 cm long, highly reflective repair tape. Ideally suited for quick repairs of holes or tears on textiles. The 'Tenacious Tape' Reflective is also ideal for making jackets, sportswear, shoes, vehicles, rucksacks, etc. visible. With high adhesive strength, which is also machine washable and ideally adapts to the fabric. Not suitable for siliconized surfaces.