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Formula Cura 2 Disc Brake - Polished - Front or Rear

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Formula Cura 2 Disc Brake - Polished - Front or Rear


The Cura is a beautiful, simple, and above all excellent brake, which is suitable for all bikers. The lever is the most ergonomic that Formula has developed so far, allowing the Cura to better control your bike and tame the trails.
In addition, it heralds a new era of Formula brakes: The Cura is the first brake, which is operated with mineral oil. After many years, you have finally found the right mineral oil, which meets the requirements of Formula.
Due to the flip-flop attachment, the brake can be mounted on the left or right of the handlebar. The one-piece forged brake calliper is extremely stable and with its optimized ventilation provides additional braking power and stability. Furthermore, the caliper has the so-called Enhanced Caliper Technology (ECT). In contrast to the predecessor models, the pads are slightly further apart, which simplifies assembly and prevents grinding of the pads on the disc. Visually, the brake is waiting in the shiny black finish and white decals.

Technical specifications

intended use : Cross Country, All Mountain, Trail, Enduro, Downhill
Material caliper: forged aluminum
Material brake lever: forged aluminum
Hardware fixing material: steel
Piston: 2 (diameter 24 mm)
Brake mounting: Postmount 6 "
Brake disc: 6 holes, or Centerlock steel disc (optional)
Braking medium: mineral oil
Brake line: plastic with kevlar reinforcement
Brake Pad: organic, Top Loading
Mounting: double-sided (FlipFlop)
Clamp: split
Cable length: VR or HR 1750 mm
Color: silver polished, lasered decals

Weight: 259g (brake, without brake disc and adapter)